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Italy has long taught the art of beauty to the rest of the world. History is its witness.

From home décor to fashion design, everything is closely tied to artisanal traditions, but also to the most refined of technological research, production processes, materials and specific manufacturing districts.

It’s a journey you embark on to discover Italy’s fine craftsmen and designers, its factories and stylists. It’s a route that takes you all over the country and exposes the fact that from the tailor-made garment to the clothes made at the factory, the inimitable strong point and common thread that ties it all together is the utter quality of craftsmanship.

The Lords of fashion, the tailors, stylists, designers, craftsmen and factory workers are at the core of every change.

And, finally, Fashion,Photography, Designand Architecturearean integral partof ProjectItaly: disciplinesandskillswithout whichthe countrywould not beable togrowin the global market.