Health & Wellness

A journey to Italy isn’t just to visit the art cities and eat in quaint restaurants, there is also a type of tourist who wants to be pampered and chooses Italy because of the many health spas it offers.

Wellness holidays can be enjoyed all over Italy. There are more than 50 hot spring spas from Abano and Montegrotto in the Veneto to Montecatini in Tuscany, Riccione in Emilia Romagna, Merano in the Alto Adige, Comano in the Trento region, Vulcano in Sicily and so forth and so on.

When used in Italy, the word “terme”, or hot springs, almost always means spa and beauty treatments, and an increasing number of resorts now take advantage of their natural resource to offer full wellness holiday packages, often tied in with treating skin disorders.

There are also famous clinics specialised in beauty treatments of various levels: internationally famous specialists work in clinics equipped with the latest technology, clinics that rival luxury hotels for elegance and beauty.

And anyone who wants to stay fit and continue working out even when abroad can choose from a long list of gyms with the most modern equipment.