When you’re in Italy the problem of finding a good place to eat doesn’t exist. Great food and wine are in Italy’s collective DNA. Osterias, elegant or casual restaurants and agriturismos, when the main ingredient is quality, then the result cannot be anything less than excellent. And if you then add serious passion for cooking, genuine respect for tradition and the culture of beauty, the dish you get will be more than just fabulously delicious, but gorgeous to look at too.

When it’s time to rest those weary limbs, well, the choice runs the entire gambit: from sleeping in a beautiful canopy bed in a castle with towers to the quiet relaxation of a nice agriturismo in the countryside. If it’s a hotel you prefer, then decide on how many stars you want it to have and the services you prefer: you can find everything you need in Italy, from sumptuous luxury hotels to the simplicity of a convent stay where, however, the doors may be locked earlier than you expect.